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Linz Austria

OBEROESTERREICH – Upper Austria Self-Guided Itinerary

For the perfect Oberoesterreich / Upper Austria self-guided itinerary Travel Guide  of this marvellous province of Oberoesterreich Upper Austria please see our:         

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Upper Austria / Oberoesterrecih An Introductory Guide

Pop 1 .4 mil , 11 980 km sq

Intro – The provinces history is also that of early Ostmark. The area of Upper Austria between the Danube and Alps is the most settled and developed area

Upper Austria / Oberoesterreich is a fantastic place to visit, the largest section of the Salzkammergut – mountain-lake region lies in the SW area of Upper Austria. Attractive mountain peaks and lakes invite nature lovers to enjoy Lower Austria / Oberoesterreich as do the rich cultural towns of Bad Ischl, Gmunden, Hallstatt, Wels  and Linz – cultural capital of Europe 2009!       

Upper Austria / Oberoesrterreich  Principal Cities/ Towns Guide :

Linz the capital, 194 000, 266 m

Ansfelden pop 15 700,  289 m

Bad Ischl pop 14 000, 468 m

Braunau pop 16 000, 352 m

Enns pop 11 500, 281 m

Gmunden pop 13 000,  425 m

Leondling pop 26 400, 289 m    

Reid pop 11 400,  433 m  

Steyr pop 38 000, 310 m

Traun pop 24 000,  273 m

Vockabruck pop 12 000, 433 m   

Wels pop 60 000, 317 m  

Upper Austria / Oberoesterreich Geography GuideCastle in Upper Austria

Hilly lowlands in North, Alps Salzkammergut  Lake region. SW area of the province.

Oberoesterreich / Lower austria has over 70 lakes with several larger finger lakes –the Attersee, Mondsee, Traunsee and Hallstaetter See.

Lower Austria / Oberoesterreich was the favorite summer residence of Kaiser Franz Josef I (Bad Ischl ) as well as many of the European nobility, artist and musicians who flocked to the Salzkammergut.  

Uper Austrtia / Oberoesterrecih History Guide

Hallstatt Austria Salt deposits attracted settlement in Pre-historic times,  especially in Hallstatt,

(see Hallstatt Epoch)  and later in the Roman occupation of the region – Pannonia.

Part of early Ostmark 995 which had included present day Upper and Lower Austria and Vienna.

Mark:a defensive realm, formed by Charlemagne – first administrated by the Babenburgs, this was the beginning of the Austrian Nation.  

1192 – The Traungau was joined with the Duchy of Austria- Ostmark

1832 first horse drawn railway between Linz and Budweiss

1842 also foundation of the shipyards which made the 1st iron ships in Europe.

Linz pop 125 000 , 260m

Provincial capital of Oberoesterreich / Upper Austria, 3rd largest city in Austria – capital of ‘Land around the Enns’ since 1490.

The Chemical and Voest steelworks have made Linz a major industrial city of the country. Large chemical, nitrogen, ironworks and steel works in the city.

Upper Austria/ Oberoesterreich Economy Guide

The Danube has maintained its major role since medieval times in commerce and trade. The area between the Danube and the Alps is the economic heartland of the province. The region around Linz has modern port facilities, and shipworks and is also a

major center of iron / steel production. The Voest – Alpine Steel Group, and chemical production have made Linz a major industrial center of the country.

Other industries in Lower Austria / Oberoesterreich include: heavy manufacturing, steel, machinery, chemicals, agriculture, light manufacturing, automotive and farm equipment manufacturing in Steyr, sugar beet  refining, brewing, textile, tanning, lumber, paper and cellulose plants, as well as dairy and food processing.

Agriculture also plays a significant role in the Oberosterreich / Lower Austria – especially in the N. The Alps and Salzkammergut attract many tourists year round to Upper Austria / Oberoesterreich.  

Upper Austria / Oberoesterrecih Natural Resources Guide

Upper Austria / Ober Oesterreich is also the 2nd most important source of oil and natural gas in Austria. Salt is mined in the Salzkammergut. Other mining includes brown coal, granite, and limestone. Several larger hydro-electric power plants have been built along the Danube and the tributary river Enns.

Upper Austria / Oberoesterrecih Events: The province offers numerous fairs and festivals.

Danube in Linz

countryside Upper Austria

For the perfect Upper Austria self-guided itinerary Travel Guide

of this wonderful province of Oberoesterreich  


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