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Austria Language Guide German Translations

Austria German Language Guide

Some Helpful German Language Translations

Wherever possible German language will be incorporated into the text of our self-guided tours -itineraries,

and directions to help guide you with the German language that you will encounter in your  travels.

Even though most Austrians in the hospitality industry can speak English, knowing some translations of key words and some translations of phrases

of the language can be very helpful.

Our Guide Book : ‘An Introduction to Austria’  has more German word translations and language phrase translation that will be practical for you to know.

They are categorized into German language topics such as traveling, German food, German drink, ordering in German, shopping in German, German place names, etc,as well as helpful German language word translations per subject and helpful Austrian phrases in German with translations.


The guide be very helpful for your Austria travel planning it covers Austrian history, geography, culture, economics, as well as the  nine Austrian provinces. This informative background of Austria will provide you with solid understanding and knowledge of the country. 

For complete Travel Plans of Austria including many site-seeing ideas,

options, tips, routes, directions, scheduling and much more

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 Travel Itineraries of Austria      

Here are a few helpful word translations.

Austria Language - German - English Translations

Altstadt – Old Town center

Apfel – apple

Artz – Doctor

Autobahn – Expressway/ freeway/ 4 lane hiway/ Interstate

Berg –Mountian/ Berg Station – mountain station

Bier – Beer

Bundes Strasse – Provincial Hi-way- main road

ca ( circa) – German for approximate

Dom – Cathedral

Dorf- village

Einkaufen - shopping, Einkaufzentrum: EKZ - Mall 

Feuerwehr – Fire Dept

Gasse- small street

Gasthaus – Restaurant

Gebaeude- building

Gemeinde – township- municipality

Haupt Strasse – Main road – in city or main road Provincial hi-way

Innen Stadt- city center

Kaufzentrum – Shopping mall

Kirche – church,

Krankenhaus - hospital

Maut – Toll

Ort – village / town area

Platz – City/town Square

Pension – Bed and Breakfast

P, Pl . – Platz, Sq- square

Polizei – Police

Ring- Ring Strasse – Circular avenue around city center

Reservierung – reservation

Rettung - ambulance

Schule – School

Siedlung – outer subdivisiom

Spital – Hospital

Strasse – Road

Uni –University

Versicherung – insurance

Wasser – Water

Wein – Wine

Zentrum – City/town Center  

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