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Salzburg Festival 2020

July 18 - Aug 30

Salzburg Festival 2018

July 20 - Aug 30

Established in 1920 the Salzburg festival has a lot to offer those who love classical music, opera and the arts. Salzburg is the summer residence of the Vienna Philharmonic orchestra which will  celebrate its 175th anniversary this year.

This years Festival will feature 192 performances, with 81 concerts

41 Operas and 6 Concert Operas, as well as 45 plays.  


Die Zauberflote - The Magic Flute

Wolfgang Amadeus  Mozart

Grosses Festspielhaus

Conductor: Constantinos Carydis

Director: Lydia Steier

Featuring the Vienna Boys Choir

and the Vienna Philharmonic


Richard Strauss


Conductor Franz Welser - Moest  

Based on Oscar Wilde’s play  1893

The story of the women who danced for King Herod and asked

for the head of John the Baptist

L italinana in Algeri

Two acts

Sung in Italian with German and English surtitles

Conductor Jean Christphe Spinosi

The  Queen of Spades

Pyotrllyich Tchaikovsky / Pushkin

Sung in Russian with German and English surtitles

Three acts  1890

Conductor: Mavis Jansons  

Guest Orchestras at the festival include the London and Berlin

Symphony Orchestras  and the ORF Radio Syphonie Orchestra

and Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra  

Along with the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart the Festival will

also hi-light works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Johannes Brahms, Anton Bruckner, Ludwig von Beethoven, Franz Liszt , Gustav Mahler, Franz Schubert, Robert Schumann, Richard Wagner, Richard Strauss and Bernd Zimmermann and many others.


Mozart Matinees

Stiftung Mozarteum - Large Hall 11:00 am

July 21/ 22  28 / 29

August 4 / 5  11 / 12 and 18 / 19

St. Luke Passion

July 20 7:30


Chamber  Concerts

All concerts  held at  the Stiftung Mozarteum  Grosser Saaal

Except the august  19 performance  which is held at the Haus  fur Mozart

July 21

July 21  6:00 pm featuring works of Sebastian Bach and Henrich Biber

Aug 1st


Chamber  Concert Belcea Quartet

Bernd Zimmermann  and Johannes Bach  Johannes Brahms

August  7

7:30 p.m works of Anton Webern and Franz Schubert

August  9

7:30 p.m

Franz Schubert, Felix Mendelsohn, Tchaikovsky

August  10

8:00 p.m Haus fur Mozart


August  11


Vienna Philharmonic featuring works of Hugo Wolf and Tchaikovsky

August  21

7:30 p.m

Ludwig v Beethoven and Joseph Haydn

August 24

7:30 Franz Schubert

August 28 - 29  

7:30 August 29th 6:00 pm

Ludwig von Beethoven  

Mozart Matenees

July 28 / 29 Aug 4/5  11/ 12 /  18/19

11:00 am

Stiftung Mozart Grosser Saal

Vienna  Philharmonic  

July 28 -   Grossefestspielhaus

11:00  am

July 29 8:30 p.m

Bernd Zimmermann , Gustav Mahler ,

August  5 11:00 am

Aug 6  9:00  pm

Richard Strauss  Luciano Berio

Aug 12  9:00 p.m

Aug 14  and 15 11:00 am

Robert Schumann Franz Schubert  

Aug 18 and 19

11:00 a.m  Anton Bruckner

Aug 25

11:00 am Richard Wagner  Hans Henze


Jedermann  - Hugo Hofmansthal

Dom Pl

Heinrich von Kleist - Pentesile

Salzburg State Theater

Story of Troy and Achilles 1808

Director Johann Simons


Numerous  recitals featuring the works of: Johannes Bach

Johannes Brahms, Ludwig von Beethovan, Franz Liszt

Robert Schuhmann , Franz Schubert, and Richard Wagner.   

Salzburg Festival 2017

There will be 188 performances, 5 new productions, 3 semi- staged performances, two concert opera performances,  35 operas, and 85 concerts.

The new Artistic Director is Markus Hinter Hausers who is definitely making is mark on the festival.

Lied recitals

From Richard Strauss, George Frideric Handel, Alban Berg,

Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Robert Schumann, Percell Henry, Jean- Philippe Rameau  


Featuring the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Robert Schumann, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig von Beethoven and others.

Chamber Concerts

Featuring  works by Franz Schubert, Johann Sebastian Bach, Gustav Mahler and others.



The centrepiece and yearly standard drama of the festival - Jedermann / every man, is held outdoors in the Dom Pl.  

Hugo Hofmannsthal

Director: Micheal Sturming

Other dramas include The Birthday Party by Harold Pinter,  

and Looking for William

Mozart Matinee Stiftung Mozarteum Grosser Saaal

Conductors: Grazinyte Tylo, Bolton, Luks, Carydis

Ticket  Euro  15 - 155

Estonian  Philharmonic Chamber  Choir

Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg  

Also works by Anton Bruckner, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Franz Schubert


Opera  Ariodante by George Frederic Handel, 1734

Haus for Mozart

Italian with German  English surtitles

Conductor: Gianluca Capuano

Director: Christof Lay

Aida Giuseppe Verdi 1870

Grosse Festspeilhaus

Conducter: Riccardo Muti

Director: Shirin Nesbit  

Vienna State Opera  Chorus

Vienna Philharmonic  

Idue  Foscari - Giuseppe Verdi

3 acts, 1844,  Italian with German and English surtitles

Conductor Michele Mariath

Grosse Festspeilhaus


Placido Dominigo - Francesco Fascari

Joseph Calleja  - Jacupo Foscari

Maria Agreste - Lucrezia Contarini

Vienna Philharmonic Choir

Mozarteum Orchestra  Salzburg

Opera  La clemenza di  Tito - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

1791, Sung in Italian with German / English surtitles


Conductor: Teactor Correntzis

Director: Peter Sellars

Wozzeck - Alban  Berg Opera  3 acts

Libretto by Alban Berg from Georg Buchners 1836 play

German with German  and English surtitles

Conductor: Valdimir Jurowski

Director: William Kentridge

Vienna Philharmonic

Salzburg Festspiele Childrens Choir

Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensdk District

Dimitry Shostakovich, 1932

Sung in Russian with English and German surtitles  

Grosse Festspielhaus

Conductor: Mariss Jansons

Director: Andreas Kriegenburg

Lear -Aribert Reimann


Opera 1978 - Libretto by Claus Henneberg based on the 1777

German translation by Johann Ewschenberg’s of William Shakespeare’s King Lear , German with English surtitles.

Conductor : Franz Welser- Moest

Director: Simon Stone

Vienna State Opera Chorus    

Vienna Philharmonic


Wiener Philharmonic, Berlin Philharmonic

Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra

Bavarian Radio Symphony

ORF Vienna Radio Symphony

Vienna Philharmonic

Will be  performing works by Richard Strauss, Anton Bruckner,

Gustav Mahler, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and others.


Chambers Concerts

Featuring the works of Franz Schubert , Johann Sebastian Bach, Gustav Mahler and others.

Solo recitals

Numerous solo recitals

Ouveture Spiritualle:

Works by Handel, Mozart

For a wonderful Travel Program Guide easily informing about and how to get from one venue to the next within the beautiful city of Salzburg as well as the surrounding Province

See:  Salzburg Itinerary

Also One week Austria Travel Guide 

Salzburg Festival  2015


Wolfgang A Mozart- The marriage of Figaro

Ludwig von Beethoven - Fidelio

Giuseppe Verdi - Iitrovatore

Richard Strauss -  Der Rosenkavalier

Vincenzo Bellini - Norma

Jules Massenet - Werther

Guiseppe Verdi - Erani  

Featured this year at the Salzburg Festival:

Die Eroberung von Mexico – Wolfgang Rihm

Music drama by Antonin Artaud ( 1896-1948)

Wolfgang Rihm

Libretto by Wolfgang Rihm

A new production English and German subtitles

Conductor: Ingo Metzmacher

Director: Peter Konwitschny

Main Cast

Montezuma: Angela Denoke

Cortez: Bo Skoyhus

The Conquest of Mexico is not a historical drama

rather the theme of this opera is that of encountering, the other.

The Salzburg Festival will also feature

The Barber of Seville for Children

Monika Sigl Radauer

Workshop to introduce kids to the Barber of Seville production for children, introduce kids to the production of  the opera, the characters and the storyline. 45 min    

Salzburg Festival Dramas

Hugo Von Hofmannsthal-Jedermann / Everyman

Has been performed at the Salzburg Festival for the past 90 years.  

A play about the death of a wealthy man. The theme is that great wealth will make no difference in the end.

The performance will be moved indoors to the Grosses Festspielhaus in case of bad weather.

Directors Julian Crouch and Brian Mertes


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Clavigo

Berthold Brecht - Kurt Weill - Mack The Knife

A Salzburg Threepenny Opera

William Shakespeare - Comedy of Errors

Salzburg Festival Concerts 2015

Vienna Philharmonic

Works of Anton Bruckner and Bohuslav Martinu

Large Fest Spielhaus

Performers : Christian Elsner, Yannick Nezet- Seguin,

Franz- Josef Selig, Karen Cargill, Peter Dijkstra, Dorthea Roeschmann,

Lied Recitals  at the Salzburg Festival - various performances songs and arias features the works of: Hugo Wolf, Franz List,Francesco Paolo Tusti, Reynaldo Hahn, Johannes Brahms, Gabriel Faure, Giuseppe Verdi, and Gustav Mahler

Mozart Matinees at the Salzburg Festival -  Stiftung Mozarteum, also including works by

Franz Schubert

The Vienna Philharmonic will also perform with the Young Wind and Brass at the Salzburg Festival.     

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