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AUSTRIA ADVENT  /   Christmas Markets TOUR  2018

2018 AUSTRIA  ADVENT Self-guided Tour

7 Day itinerary A 8  $15.00     

This itinerary will guide you from the glorious capital of Vienna at this special time of year, to the enchanting historic Wachau Valley and to Linz and the Christmas markets of Lower Austria. Onward to Salzburg, through the beautiful Austria Alps and to the charming  city of Graz.

Austria Christmas MarketEspecially so with the Weihnachts stimmung / Advent spirit and ambiance of this special time of year,

in the country of the most famous Christmas Carol -

‘Silent Night’ !

This itinerary will include many possible Christmas markets for you to visit, displays and exhibits to see and concerts to enjoy !

Gruess Gott, Servus,

Gutentag - Good Day  

Welcome to Austria , a country of great natural beauty, cultural wealth  and historical treasure to discover!

Enjoy great architecture, art, music, culture, shopping, walks, scenery, recreation and much more in the historic cities and towns and the beautiful Austrian Alps at this special time of year!

Christmas Market Vienna Your Austrian Experience Your visit to Austria will be  as magical and fantastic as you might imagine and then some. Austrians are known throughout Europe  and the world as being one of the friendliest of peoples. Experience the Gemutlichkeit of Austria, a relaxed happy approach to life. This itinerary will provide you with a most memorable and rewarding experience, a cherished adventure awaits you here !

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Our background Guide Book,  ‘An Introduction to Austria’

is offered at only $ 5.00 when purchased together with this itinerary A 8

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