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Maximilian I

Maximilian I –  b March 22 1459, d.  June 12, 1519 in Wels.

Buried in Weinerneustadt.

The most revered Habsburg ruler as seen in the Habsburg fresco painting in the National Art Gallery.

1483 increase influence of House of Habsburg – through marriage, treaties and war

1491 bought Tirol and ‘further Austria’ from his cousin Sigmund

Highest stature among the Habsburgs,  he was a warrior and lead his armies -  known as the Last Knight – before the advent of guns in battle.

He personally lead many wars and battles – conquering most of S. Germany but did not subjugate the nobility to central authority. He conquered but did not consolidated or centralize all of S. Germany and Austria.

This was also a turning point, future expansion to the East would lead to eventually loses of Western territory and Carolina.

It was Maximilian I who introduced sweeping changes that were the first steps towards a centralized administration.

In 1508 Maximilian assumed the title of elected Emperor.

He was unable to pass through hostile Venetian territory to travel to Rome for his coronation. From that point on the Popes would no longer have a say in the selection of new Emperors.

1496 Maximilian’s son Philip marries Juana of Astile and Aragon daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain  

In 1515 he organized a double marriage of his grandchildren and the Jagiellon line that ruled Bohemia and Hungry reviving earlier Habsburg claims on those countries.

Maximilian’s I  energetic reign added significantly to the prestige of the Habsburgs in Europe.

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