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Medieval Knights / Ritterfest Fest

Burg Bergkapfenberg - Kapfenberg

June 21 - 22, 2020

Saturday 11:00,  

Sunday 11:00

This 23rd annual Middle Ages festival is held at the castle above Kapfenberg, Steiermark.  

There will be many knights,actors, charlatans, and vagrants.   

People from many countries will gather to celebrate together the beauty and fascination of  this era. For two days the Middle Ages will come alive on  6 different stages. A delight for all of the senses and an unforgettable weekend at the castle and Lorerohugel/ hill.

Saturday June 21st starting at 11:00 am – 24:00

Sunday June 22nd 10:30 am – 10:00 pm

Burg Oberkapfenberg  Kapfenberg

Tickets Burg Oberkapfenberg

KulterZentrum Kapfenberg

Or by email

Free Shuttlebus to Kehre Burg / castle

From Rosseggerpark, Europaplatz

Sportzentrum / Sporthotel Grabner

Waldcafe Harrer

Mid Europe Wind Band Festival

21 st July 10 - 15 2018

Festival pass Euro 44

One Day Pass euro 22

One concert Euro 12

Musical Tattoo  Euro 12

The Festival will include  bands from all over Austria  and Germany


From the USA  -  Charleston University  Wind Ensemble

Opening  Concert

20th July 11 - 16 2017

19th Mid Europe festival July 12-17th 2016

18th Mid Europe  festival July 14-19  2015,

17th Mid Europe festival  July 6th - 13th 2014


The International festival for wind bands will feature old and new, regional and international, traditional and modern concerts. There will be church concerts, open air concerts, formal concerts, and evening concerts.

CISM, a Mid-European competition of youth wind bands,

The  World Youth Wind Orchestra Project

Workshops and discussions will also be held.  

Featuring: Big Bands and and Music, Fashion Show, Jazz and Volksmusik.     

Over 30 ensembles and 2200 musicians from around the

World will bring there talent and enthusiasm to Schladming and Haus.   

Appreciative audiences will enjoy the inspiring performances

Admission Prices:

For entire Festival Euro 39

Any single performance Euro 12

Instrument  manufactures exhibits


Congress Hall Schladming,

Main Sq Schladming

WM Park Planai

In Haus in Ennstal - town church, Main Sq Haupt Pl    

Opening Concert

German  Army Big Band  and Bavarian  Police Orchestra


The Southern University Wind Ensemble

will also be  performing.

Tuesday  July 11th Grand Opening 7:00- 9:00 pm concert.

Congress Schladming

Orchestra: WYWOP-  World Youth  

Brass Orchester Project

7-9:00 pm Bavarian Police orchestra Band  

German Bundeswehr / Army Big Band

Wednesday July 12th

Open air Concert Buhne / Stage 2 Zentrum

2-3:00 pm

Tapei Zhong-Zheng Junior High School Wind Band

4- 5:00 Marching Band and Honor Guards Taipei First Girls  

High School, Taipei Taiwan

Stage 2 - Zentrum

4:30 - 5:30 Congress Schladming

Osaka Toin High School Wind Orchester, Japan

7:00 - 9:00 pm

First Girls High School Taiwan

7-8:00 pm Swiss Army Brass Band

Congress Hall Schladming  

7-8:00 Irish Youth Wind Ensemble

Haus, Church  

8:30 - 9:30 Schloss Pl Open Air  concert  

Tapei  Zhong-Zheng Junior High School Wind Band


German Bundeswehr Big Band,  

Congress Hall Schladming

‘Lange Nacht’  - Thursday July 13th  5:00 pm

Including fashion show  - Schladming town center

5 stages  held in Schladming  Main Square, Cento Park Platz, Anna Kappelle, Wetzlarer Pl. Haus town church Town Square  


4:30 -5:15

Orchester Military music Oberoesterreich Stage 2 Zentrum  

5- 6:00 Bad Waltersdorf town Band, Austria

Stage 3 Centro Parking Pl

5-6:00 Stage 4 Anna Chapel, Blech Brass Brothers

5:15 -6:15  Schladming  City Band

Stage 2 Zentrum

5:30 - 6:30 Stage 5 Post Hotel Voixx Bradler

6:15- 7:15  Fashion Show - Stage 2 Zentrum

6:30 - 7:30  Musikverein  Kleinsoelk Stage 3 Stage Centro Parking Pl

6:30 - 7:30  Stage 4 Anna Chapel

St. Martin Music Society   

7-8:00 pm Glocknermusikanten  Stage 5 Post Hotel

7:15 - 8:15 World Adult Brass Orchestra Project

Stage 2 Zentrum

7:45 - 8:45 Haus Music  Society Stage 1 - Wetzlarer Pl    

8:00 - 9:00 pm stage 3 Centro Parking Pl

South African College High School concert Band


8:30 - 9:30 stage 5 post Hotel

Blech Brass Brothers

8:45 - 9:45 SBO - Oeztal

Stage 2 Zentrum

9:15 Irish Youth Wind Ensemble

Stage 1 Wetzlarer Pl

9:45 -00:45 Stage 3, Anrass Brass,

Centro Parking Pl    

10:00 pm - midnight

Stage 4 Anna Chapel

Brass Band Pro Stany

10:00 pm -1:00 am  stage 2

Raaber Blechbaum

Friday July 14

5:30 - 6:30 pm Stage 2 Zentrum

Open Air  Concert  Weissenbach Music Society

6-7:00 pm Congresshall SBO - Oetztal

6:30 - 7:30 Haus, Town church

South African College High School concert Band

7:30 - 11:00 pm WM Park Planai

Saturday July 15

9-10:00 am Congresshall Youth Group Mooskirchen

9:00 am - 8:00 pm Congresshall Exihibit

9:30 - 10:30 Stage 2 SBO Oeztal

10:00 - 11:00 am Congresshall

South African College High School concert Band

11:00 am - 11:30 Congresshall

Youth Group Illertal Germany

11:30 - 12:30 Stage 2

Air Note Music School

11:30 - 12:00 Congresshall

Youth Group Goeppingen Germany

1-3:00 pm Stage 2

Youth Group Illertal Germany

3-4:00 pm Stage 2

South African College High School concert Band

3-4:00 pm  Congreshall Haifia Orchestra  

4:30 -5:30 Orchestra Society Hilgen Germany  

5- 6:00 Stage 2  Moooskirchen Youth Group

6:00 - 7:00 Congress World Adult Brass Project

7:00 - 8:00 Stage 2

Kiryat Tiron Symphonic Youth Band

7:30 - 9:00 pm Stage 2

Post Big Band Salzburg

Schloss Pl Haus

9-10:30 Congresshall

World Youth Brass Orchestra Project


9-12:00 Congresshall


9-10:00 Congresshall

Kiryat Tiron Symphonic Youth Band

10-10:30 Congresshall Haifa Orchestra

10:30 - 11:00  am Macau Youth Symphonic Band, China   

11:30 - 12:30 Stage 2 Zentrum, Haifa Orchestra

1-2:00 Closing ceremony Congress hall

Mooskirchen Youth Group  

LINZ  - Street Theater( Busker) Festival  

July 19 -21  , 2018

Over 100 artists, and groups performers from 40 countries.

One of the largest street festivals in Europe.

The Street Festival will feature Improvisational performances, music,

Dance and circus acts including: clowns, aerial and fire acrobatics,

and comedy acts.

There will be an Opening parade, and also evening performances

at various courtyard in center of Linz.  

A wide range of musical performances can be expected.  

Foldable stools will be available !   

Donau Festwochen  July 27 – August 15 2018

Stage of Old music and  New  

25th Festival held in Strudengau where the east Muhl region meets the Danube. A Musical Festival presentation held in July and August.

Claimed as as a stage of 2  languages- of old and modern music.

Opera rarities are featured at Schloss Greinberg.

Ticket  prices  vary from seating and location

From Euro 20 to Euro 50

Programs inc  unknown/ little know work from some of great masters of music history like Mozart, Telemann or Handel, and forgotten  music make it to the stage again at the festival.

This inspirational music program from the past to today includes a range for Baroque to Classical to some of today’s contemporary music.  

24th   Donau Festwochen  July 27 - Aug 15

July  27

Friday  8:00 pm Schloss Greinberg

Opening Concert Euro 32

July 28

Saturday 8:00 pm Stifts Kirche Ardagger Monastery  

Introduction and dinner 6:00 pm  Euro 27  

Rome and Nepal - in Italian   

July 29

Sunday 11:00 am  Monastery church  Waldhausen

Ars Antiquua Austria

Euro  28 - 36

Antonii Vivaldi  Le Quattro Stagiono

Aug 1

8:00 pm Monastery  church  Baumgartenberg

Lombardini Quartett Euro  25

Aug  3

8:00 pm Filia church Altenburg

Featuring  works by Johann Sebastian  Bach

6:00 pm Introduction with meal Euro 25

Aug  9

Thursday 8:00 pm

Parish  church  Bad Kreuzenberg

A musical literary trip through the life of the most  important Austrian

female  poet of the Baroque period Catherina Regina  von Greiffenburg

Euro 25

Aug 12

Sunday  11:00  am Strindermuseum Saxon

Atalante String Quartette performing music of the 20th and  21st Century

Euro 25

Aug  15

Wednesday 11:00 am

Giessenbachmuhle , St. Nikolia

Franz Schubert The  beautiful miller

great  work  over  unlucky in love


Schloss Greinberg

Aug 4 5 10 11 12 6:00 pm  Knights Hall

Three acts  in Italian

17 - 18  Century  Euro 39 - 58

Georg Friedrich Handel


23rd  Donau Fest Wochen 2017

Opening Concert Ensemble Vivante  

Tenorduette von Claudia Monteverdi

Held at Schloss Grein

The festival will feature symphonies, solo concerts performing the works of the masters and beloved famous composers including: Haydn, Schubert

Rossetti ,  Mozart , Johann Sebastian Bach, and unfinished Beethoven

Summer poetry  Johann Goethe,

v Busch  


Held at Schloss Grein

Giovanni Battista Mariani  ( 1634 - 1697)

La Lisarda 3 acts

Arkadenhof Schloss Greinberg

Held in Rittersaal  in bad weather


Euro 34 - 50 online

At  counter Euro 37 - 53   

Aug 5/6 /11/12/13

Friday July 28th

8:00 pm Greinberg castle
4360 Grein Donau

Saturday July 29th

8:00 pm Abbey  church

Ardagger 3300 Stift Arddagger

Sunday July 30th

11:00 am

Stifts church Waldhauser ( #4391 )


Wenesday Aug 2nd

8:00 pm

Stift church 4342  Baumgarrtenberg

 Friday August 4th

8:00 pm  Filiakircher Altenburg

4322 Windhaag Perg

Sunday Aug 6th

11:00 am

Vierkanthof 3300 Stift Ardagger

Tuesday Aug 8th

8:00 pm City Cinema

Grein / Donau

Thursday Aug 10th  2017

8:00 pm  Parish church

Bad Kreuzen 4362

Sunday  Aug 13th

11:00 am Strinberg Museum

3351 Saxon  

Tuesday Aug 15th


438 St. Nikolia

Jult 25 - Aug 15 th  2017


4324 Rechberg

Villacher Kirchtag  and brauchttums week  

July 29  – Aug 5th 2018  12:00 pm

Villacher Kirchtag  - Austria ‘s largest  traditional  Volksfest

National costume parade.

Mix of traditional and ancient customs

Festival for everyone  from all walks of life

amusement park, enjoy traditional Folks groups from around Kaernten and the Alps – Adria region, and Europe

There are presentations and shows on a numbers of stages around the center of town.

Neuburger Culture Days  July 14 – 28  2018

Orchestra concerts, Chamber concerts,  

Singing evenings, Recitals,

One of the most important cultural initiatives in Steiermark. Founded by by Gerhard Track, under the artistic leadership of Gottfried Holzer for many years. For the last 20 years under Stefan Vladar

Literary  evening, seminars  

Large Choir, Orchestra concert at opening – in the Monastery    

Opening Concert Saturday July 14 2018

Opening concert 7:30 p.m Neuberger Munster

Euro 36 - 39

Featuring works by Guiseppe Verdi and Anton Bruckner

Slovakian Philharmonic Choir

Sunday  July  15

6:00 p.m Dormitorim

Euro  40  

Lieder Abend  - Song Evening: Robert Schumann

July 19 Thursday

7:30 p.m Dormitorium  

Euro 32

Musical Trip though the Epocs

Featuring works by Heinrich Ignaz  Franz Biber

Joseph Haydn, Franz Schubert Paul Hindewith

Saturday July 21

7:30 Dormitorium

Euro 40

Violin  meets the Accordion

Music of Johann Sebastian Bach

Igor Strawinsky  Fritz Kreisler

Sunday  July  22

11:30 am  Dormitorium

Euro 40

Music of Cesar Franck

Wednesday  July 25   

6:30  Grunangerkirche

Euro  32

Organ  concert

Thursday  July 26

7:30 Pillhofer Hall

Euro 32

Jazz concert

Friday  July 27

7:30 Dormitorium

Euro  40

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Antonio Dvorak  

Saturday July 28

7:30  Dormitorium

Euro 40

Songs  by Wolfgang Amadeus  Mozart

Franz Schubert and Franz Liszt

Opening July 8  2017

7:30pm Neuberger Muenster

Euro 36 - 49

Gustav Mahler

Slovakian Philharmonic and Choir

Sunday July 9th

6:00 pm Dormitorium

Euro 38 / 40

Recital Tzimon Barto - piano

Featuring Joseph Hydn, Franz Liszt

Thursday July 13th

6:30 pm Gruenanger church

Organ: Works of Bach, Olivier Messiaen, Kohnau

Euro 32  

Friday July 14th

7:30 pm Neuburger Muenster

Chanting for Peace, Juedeo - Christian tradition

Timna Brauer,  Vox Gatica

Early Christian Gregorian Choral Choir  

Euro - 36

Saturday July 15

Some Like it Hot

Tribute to Billy Wilder and the golden age of film

With many well known songs

7:30 Dormitorium

Euro 38 / 40

July 16

6:00 pm  Ludwig van Beethovan

Christain  Altenburger and Mayda Amare

Euro 38 / 40 Violin and piano

Thursday  July 20

7:30 VAZ Kasppellen

Jazz concert  Gerold Preinfalk

Euro 32  

Friday July 21

Steirische Knoepferl, a musical trip through  local Volskultur

7:30  VAZ - Kapellen

Euro 38 / 40

Saturday July 22

7:30 - Dormitarium

Euro 38 / 40

Music of Gustav Mahler

Evening songs

Piano Stefan Vladov

Baritone Bo Skovhus

Sunday July 23


Euro 38 / 40

New Russian Quartette

Featuring Tschaikowski

Jazz and Blues Fest July 13 - 15th  2018

Local and  International stars

Held at Schloss Gamlitz, in Gamlitz.

Including International performers

A culinary experience to be enjoyed also, for an entertaining weekend !

Open Air Concert Sun June 29th 2014

‘Carmina  burana’ - tells tales of the changeability of luck and good fortune. This is thought to be Carl Orffs best know work.

Held at the Kasermatten,  

Kaiser–Josef Platz 10 Graz.  8:00 pm

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