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78th    Kitzbuehel World Cup 2018

January 14 th - 21 st

JANUARY  16 - 18 - Tuesday  - Thursday

11:30  Downhill Training

Friday Jan 19 th

Entertainment  starts at  10:30

11:30  Streifalm Super G

General Admission Euro 20

Sat 20th

Entertainment  starts at  10:30

11:30  Steifalm

Hannenkamm DOWNHILL

General Admission Euro 30

Medal  ceremony  6:30 pm followed by  fireworks

Sunday 21st

At the Ganslern

Entrainment starts at 10:00 am

10:30 am Slalom 1st Run

1:30 pm  2nd Run  

Followed  by medal ceremony

77th Kitzbuehel World Cup 2018

Jan 14 - 21

Mon January  15 th

Opening  Juniors race week

Tues 10:00 am  

Hahnenkamm Slalom Ganslern


11:00 downhill training Streif

Thursday Downhill training  - Streif 11:00 am

Friday  Jan  19th

10:00 Entertainment Finish area

11:00 Hahnenkamm Super-G


Medal presentation 6:30 pm

Saturday 10:0 am  entertainment

11:00 am Downhill  Hahnenkamm  Steif

 2:30  Slalom

6”30  Downhill medals

Sunday 9:30 entertainment

10:30 Slalom

1st run

2:30 2nd run

76th Kitzbuehel World Cup 2016

Tuesday Jan 19th  

11:30 am   Downhill training at the Streif

7:30 pm Opening ceremonies – Hahnenkamm Raceweek Legend Park

Wednesday Jan 20th

10:00 am : Hahnenkamm Juniors 1st race  GS Ganslern

11:45 Downhill training   

1:00 pm Hahnenkamm Juniors 2nd race SL

Thursday Jan 21st  

11:30 am Downhill training at the Streif

Friday Jan 22nd

10:30 Entertainment Program at the Finish Area

11:30 am  Hahnenkamm Super G  - Streifalm

4:00 pm  Entertainment program at the Finish area

4:45 pm  Hahnenkamm Slalom combined – Ganslern

6:30 pm  Draw Finish Area

Saturday Jan 23rd

10:30 Entertainment program

11:45 am Hahnenkamm Downhill    

2:00 Trophy presentation

6:00 Draw and Fireworks

Sunday January 24

 9:30 am Entertainment program

10:00 am Hahnenkamm Slalom 1st run Ganslern

1:00 Entertainment program Finish Area

1:30 Hahnenkamm Slalom 2nd run Ganslern

75th Kitzbuehel World Cup 2015

The Greatest Alpine ski venue of all - Kitzbuhel,Tirol Austria.

World renown as the most challenging and spectacular of competition courses this is the biggest prize for the Alpine  skiing athletes, and the most anticipated race of the year for Alpine skiing fans.  

The Kitzbuehel races are refereed to as the grandfather of all ski races,

The most difficult Alpine ski course on the World Cup circuit

 , this is the big one!

In North American,  Sports commentators often refer to Kitzbuehel

( the Hahnenkamm race) as the Super Bowl of Alpine World Cup Ski-racing  

The Hahnenkamm’s incredible steep slopes and difficult terrain

- the Streif course have challenged all who dare to master this mountain.   

Over 1500 people work to put on this great alpine skiing event.

Tuesday Opening Ceremonies

At Legends Park. Thirteen World Junior teams were welcomed.

A Plaque  to honour past winners was unveiled as was a memorial plaque to Toni Sailer Austrian “ Athlete  of the Century” !

Olympic gold Medallist and World Champion. A postal van then delivered

The new commemorative stamp in his honour.  

This summer  4 other plaques will be set up in Legends Park to honour Herbert Huber, Christian Pravgda, Christl Haas along with Toni Sailer.

The hi-light of the ceremony was the official unveiling of the

new monument to Toni Sailer , by the four members of the Kitzbuehler  “Wonder Team” , Anderl Molterer, Ernst Hinterseer, Fritz Huber and Hias Leitner.  The monument to Toni Sailer was created by Gregor Unterrainer, a local artisan. The 5 meter tall monument is that of a Black bolt of lightning and his signature, in recognition of the ski legends most memorable film - Der Schwarze Blitz / the black lightning , Sailer had black hair and became know as the schwarze blitz aus Kitz, the black lightning from Kitzbuehel.   

All Races Mens Alpine Events, local times

Race Times:

Thursday Jan 22nd

11:00 am Downhill  training

Friday Jan 23rd

Super G  - 11:30  Hahnenkamm - Streifalm

Race start at 1343 meters, finish 805 meters with an elevation difference

Of 549 vertical meters

First Super G was held in 1995- one of the steepest in the world.

This course is 2150 m in length.

Slalom Combined 4:45 local time , Ganslern course

Gen Admission E 25

Sat Jan 24th

Mens Downhill  11:45 am local time VIP tickets sold out

Streif course starting gate is at 1665 meters finish line at 805 meters

Vertical  difference in elevation of 860 m,

the skiers can reach speeds of up to 140 km/hr

The course is 3 312 m in lengths,


Sun Jab 25th

Slalom - Ganslern course

10:15 local time Hahnenkamm first Run

Second Run 1:30 pm  

Starting gate at 1004 m ,

Elevation  drop of 195 m , course length is 590 m

The Kitzbueheler  Ski Klub was created in 1902.

This fabled  Club has over 7000 members today.

Over the years members of the Kitzbuehel ski Club have won 53 Olympic and World Championships

Past Champions include the great Toni Sailer, Anderl Molterer, Ernst Hinterseer, Fritz Huber  and Hias Leitner.

The record holder  of the Hahnenkamm downhill is Fritz Strobl of Austria,

With a time of 1:51: 58 , Jan 25th 1997

Visit the Austrian Alps

Kitzbuehel + Triol Itinerary Visiting guide


Three week Austian Itinery

14 days Austria East to West

Winners of the Kitzbuehel Mens Alpine Downhill Races

1931  Ferdl Friedensbacher   AUT   4:34.2

1932  Walter Prager           SWISS 7:56.4

1933 – 34 no races

1935  Siegfried Engl           AUT  4:38.8

1936  Freidl Pfeifer            AUT 5:03.2

1937  Thaddaeus Schwabl   AUT  3: 53.1

First race is held the Streif course

1938-1945 no races held

1946  Thaddaeus Schwabl AUT   3:04 .3

1947  Karl Feix                AUT 3:36.0

1948  Helmut  Lantschner AUT  3:16.33

1949  Egon  Schoepf        AUT 3:03.0

1950  Fritz Huber            AUT  3:04. 3

1951  Christian  Pravda    AUT  2:57.1

1952  no races

1953  Bernhard  Perren  SWISS 2:54.5

1954  Christian Pravda   AUT   2:47.9

1955  Anderl  Molterer    AUT  2:46.2

1956  Toni Sailer           AUT  2:57.8

1957  Toni Sailer           AUT  2:47.1

1958  Anderl Molterer    AUT  2:40.7

1959  Buddy  Werner     USA   2:33.4

1960  Adrien  Duvillard   FRA   2:26.1

1961  Guy Perillat          FRA  2:29.2

1962  Willi  Forrer         SWISS  2:37.6

1963  Egon  Zimmerman  AUT  2:20.7

1964  lack of snow races canceled

1965  Ludwig  Leitner    BRD  2:30.8

1966  Karl Schranz  AUT  2:16.6

World Cup Era begins

1967  Jean-Claude Killy       FRA  2:11.82

7 year record

1968  Gerhard Nenning        AUT 2:14.49

1969  Karl Schranz              AUT  2:18 .80

1970-71   no down hill race

1972  Karl Schranz              AUT  2:24. 36

Extra race held  Karl Schraz  AUT 2:23.70

1973  Roland  Collombin   SWISS 2:13.32

1974  Roland  Collombin   SWISS  2:03. 29   

1975  Franz  Klammer          AUT   2:03.22

A record that held for 7 years

1976  Franz  Klammer  AUT  2:03.79

1977  Franz  Klammer  AUT  2:09.71

1978  Josef  Walcher  AUT 2:07.81

A tie   Sepp  Ferstl     BRD  2:07.81

Extra race Josef Walcher  2:06.90

1979  Sepp  Ferstl      BRD  2:04.48

1980  Ken   Read          CAN  2:04.93

1981  Steve  Podborski  CAN 2:03.76

1982  Steve  Podborski  CAN 1:57:24

Extra race  

Harti Weirather             AUT  1:57.20

1983  Todd Brooker       CAN   2:01.96

    Extra  race   Bruno Kernern SWISS 2:06.68

1984  Franz Klammer  AUT 2:02.82

His 4th win

1985  Pirmin Zurbringgen      SWISS   2:02..65

Extra race Pirmin Zubriggen   SWISS  2:06.95

1986 Peter Wirnsberger            AUT 2:02.04

Extra race Peter Wirnsberger     AUT  2:01.77

1987  Pirnin  Zurbringen        SWISS  1:58.06

1988 no races

1989  Daniel Mahrer   SWISS 1:58.42

Extra race Marc Girardelli   LUX 2:01.25

1990  Atle  Skardal   NOR  2:26.20

1991  Franz Heinzer   SWISS 1:58.71

1992  Franz  Heinzer  SWISS  1:56.63

Extra race Franz Heinzer  SWISS 1:56.04

Record for 4 years

1993 no snow races cancelled snowmaking  equipment installed that summer

1994 Patrick Ortlieb         AUT 2:00.12

1995  Luc Alphand           FRA  1:40.97 shortened race

Extra race Luc Alphand     FRA      1:40.33

1996  Guenther Mader      AUT  1:54.29

1997  Fritz  Strobl  1:51.58  Standing record time for entire course

1998  Kristian  Ghedina     ITA  2:05.49

Extra race Didier Cuche     SWISS 2:31.55

Both shorter runs

1999 Hans  Knauss           AUT  1:54.18

Extra race Lasse Kjus        NOR 2:14.13          

2000  Fritz Strobl                AUT  1:46.54 shorter race

2001  Herman  Maier           AUT   1:56.84

2002  Stephan  Eberharter   AUT  1:55.48

Extra race Lasse Kjus          NOR  1:58.78

2003  Daron  Rahlves          USA  1:09.63 s

shorter race fog lower 2/3 of course

2004  Stephan  Eberharter  AUT  1:55.48  

Extra race  Lasse Kjus       NOR   1:58.78

2005 no race  snow rain mix safety concerns

2006  Michael  Walchhofer   AUT  1:46.75

Start below Mausfalle due to fog

2007  no races held lack of snow high temperature

2008  Didier Cuche           SWISS   1:52.75

2009  Didier  Defago        SWISS   1:56.09

2010  Didier  Cuche          SWISS   1:53.74

2011  Didier  Couche        SWISS   1:57.72

2012  Didier  Couche        SWISS   1:13.28 shortened course

Due to snowing couse was shortened to lower 2/3  3 km

2013  Dominik  Paris            ITA   1:57.56

2014  Hannes  Reichelt        AUT   2:03.38

Zeilschuss and Quwerfahrt bypassed course lengthened    

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