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Austria Info Country Guide

Austria Info Country Guide


Austria Info - Country Profile Background

The territory of Austria and the Austrian people can trace their national history of their country back to the founding of Ostmark. The first Babenburgs to rule were granted the territory as reward for their loyalty to Charlemagne. The family was from Bavaria.

Ostmark / meaning eastern defensive realm of the West was a kingdom border region of the Frankish Kingdom of Charlemagne, Western Europe and eventually the Holy Roman Empire.

The history of the Austrian State began in 1914 only to end in 1935 and re-emerge as the Second Austrian Republic in 1945.

Austria is a West European county despite occasionally being incorrectly cited as a Central or East European.

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Austria Info Country Guide Facts:

Official name: Republik Oesterreich    

Population: 7.3 million, inc foreign nationals

Area: 84 000 km sq

Official language: German

Federal Republic with 9 provinces

Austrian Flag

Austria Info Country Guide History

Austrian history can be broken into the following five periods.

1 Pre- history / Early history pre- Babenberg. – 976  

2. Establishment and the reign of the Babenbergs. 976 - 1246

3. The Habsburgs. 1251- 1918

4. First Republic and occupation 1918-1945/ 55

5. Second Austrian Republic 1945– to present

For more country history info see our provinces section

and our Guide Book, Austria An Introduction’                                    

Austria Map

Austria Info Country Guide Provinces:

please see each province page for more facts

The country has nine provinces/ Bundeslander in Austria from West to East

Vorarlberg Info Guide – pop 365 000, 2 601 km sq   

Tirol Info Guide – pop 700 000, 12 648 km sq - Innsbruck pop 140 000  

Salzburg Info Guide – pop 530 000, 7 154 km sq  

Salzburg city pop 150 000

To the south

Kaernten Info Guide – pop 561 000, 9 535 km sq,

Klagenfurt  pop 91 000,

Steiermark Info Guide -  pop 1.2 million, 16, 387  km sq,

Graz pop 245 000,

To the north

Ober Oesterreich/ Upper Austria Info Guide

Pop 1.5 million, 11 980 km sq

Further East –

Nieder Osterreich / Lower Austria Info Guide the largest province  

pop 1.6 mil,   19 174 km sq

The grand capital of the country  

Vienna / Wien Info Guide

pop 1.8 mil.-metro,   415 km sq
( situated within Lower Austria)  

Vienna gained provincial status after WW I.  

To the S the SE most corner of the country

Burgenland Info Guide  pop 280 000, 3 965 km sq

Country Guide The People Info:

98 % German – speaking ethnic Austrian, the language is spoken in a softer more melodious manner than in Germany.

The population of the country is overwhelmingly Roman Catholic 75 %

The Habsburg Empire and Catholic Church have had the greatest impact on the country and Austrian culture

Austrian Dish

Country Guide Economic Info

Austria is a well developed Western European country, a member of the EU and UN. The  country has a high standard of living, ranking as one of the most prosperous and ideal countries in which to live. The strong economy is a reflection of the highly skilled work force and education system of the country. Austria is a strong trading country, as well as an increasingly popular travel destination, and we can guide you on a fabulous trip, with our itineraries.    

For more info see Country Economic Guide

Reasons to visit the country of Austria

Known as an Alpine country, the spectacular Austrian Alps offer great hiking, mountain climbing, mountain biking and many rewarding walking trails.   

The beauty of the Austrian Alps and their recreation opportunities, the grandeur of Vienna, a rich music and cultural history as well as steeped local traditions attract visitors to the country from around the world.   

Country Government Info Guide  

The Austrian President is the Head of State of the country.

Although a largely ceremonial position the President has significant influence in foreign and defence affairs of the country as well as with the judiciary and the Federal political stage of the country.  

The Federal President may serve two 6 year terms -elected directly

The Nationrat / council / Parliament - Lower house has 183 members which are elected indirectly across the country by a complex form of proportional representation  

Bundesrat – Senate is elected by the Provincial assemblies to represent ther regions / provinces of the country has 62 members

The Chancellor is usually the leader of the party with the most members in the National Assembly which is most often a coalition government.

Austria is a neutral country and also a member of most UN organizations.

Austria Counrty Guide

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Rural Austria

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