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Austria 14 Day Self-Guided Christmas Tour

Austrian Christmas Market


Austria 14 Day Advent Itinerary

This itinerary will guide you from the glorious capital of Vienna at this special time of year ,

to Linz the cultural Capital of Europe 2009,  and the Christmas markets of Lower Austria, onward to Salzburg, through the

beautiful Austrian Alps, and to the charming city of Graz - especially so with the Weihnachtsstimmung / Advent mood and ambiance of this special time of year in the country of the most famous Christmas Carol - ‘Silent -Night’ !


This itinerary will include many possible Christmas markets for you to visit, displays and exhibits to see and concerts to enjoy !

Enjoy great architecture, art, music, culture, shopping, walks, scenery, recreation and much more  in the historic cities and towns and the

 beautiful Austrian Alps at this special time of year !   

Your Advent experience in Austria will be as magical and fantastic as you might imagine and then some.

sleigh ride in Austria

Visiting Austria during this special time of year will be a Christmas trip you will cherish !

The setting of the Austria Alps and culture steeped in Catholic tradition with quint onion doomed churches and grand cathedrals, the peeling of bell / Glocken , many carols,

Christmas markets with their many stands and offering,  the aroma of mulled wine, chestnuts  and sweets treats, and outdoor gatherings are just a delight to visit and to enjoy.

Austria was John Denver’s favourite place to visit during Advent.

Price $25.00   



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