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NIEDEROESTERRIECH  - Lower Austria  Itinerary

For the perfect Niederoesterriech / Lower Austria self-guided Itinerary - Travel Guide of this great province of Niederoesterreich - Lower Austria please see

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Gottweig Austria  

Niederoesterreich / Lower Austria  

An Introductory Guide

Pop 1.6 mil ,  19 174  km sq

Intro: Lower Austria /

Niederoesterreich’s history is very much that of early Ostmark.

The provicial captial of Lower Austria - Niederoesterreich

is St. Polten,pop 52 000, 267 m Youngest provincial capital in Europe.

Designated in 1986, administrative move complete in 1996.

Lower Austria / Niederoesterreich is a delight to visit, the province offers the unforgettable Danube flowing through the Wachau Valley, there are many castles, palaces, medieval ruins and towns to see and enjoy. The province has diverse natural offerings – mountains in the south, open rolling country side in the north and vineyards and rich forests.    

Wachau - One of the most beautiful and memorable sections of the entire Danube valley, with very picturesque villages standing along the Danube riverbank surrounded by terraced vineyards and orchards. Ruins of medieval castles stand high above the Danube lending a romantic nature to the historical river valley.

Durnstein – known as the pearl of the Wachau has well preserved medieval and baroque buildings. The ruins above the town are part of legend as it was here 1192-93, that

the King of England Richard the Lionheart was held for ransom.  

Principal cities/ town of Lower Austria - Niederoesterreich:  

are Sankt Polten – the new capital, pop 52 000, 267 m  

Amstetten pop 23 000, 275 m

Baden pop 25 000, 230 m

Klosterneuburg pop 26 000, 192 m  

Krems pop 24 100, 203 m  

Moedling pop 20 500, 246 m

Tulln pop 15 600, 180 m

Schwechat pop 17 000, 170 m

Stockerau pop 16 000, 176 m

Weiner Neustadt pop 42 300,  265 m      

Geography of Lower Austria - Niederoesterreich

Waldviertel / forest -quarter NW part of province, to the NE Weinviertel - low hilly country good soil and climate. Vienna basin lowland east of the city –Austria’s richest agriculture land  

The SE part of the Lower Austria / Niederoesterreich the Alpine foreland is hilly arable and a good agricultural area, the S part of Lower Austria / Niederoesterrecih is mountainous, the highest peak Schneeberg  2 076 m   

Lower Austria - Nieder Oesterreich  History

The area was part of the Roman province of Pannonia. and later Charlemagne’s Empire as Ostmark. The region was granted to Babenburg Margraves

In 976 and named Ostarichi which dates from that time. A permanent division between Upper and Lower Austria was made about 1450. The earliest centers of Ostmark, Klosterneuberg and Melk once served as capitals. Monks from various orders had a most significant role in the leadership and administration of the development and established of the country – infrastructure of the Austrian civilization.

Baroque masterpiece of Melk Lower Austria -



Was once the dominate sector of the provinces economy but now supports only 1/8 of the working population. More than half of the land surface is used in agriculture, and 1/3 is forested Crops include: wheat, rye, corn,  barley, potatoes, sugar beets, and fodder beets grown in the Vienna basin and Alpine foreland.

Niederoesterreich Lower Austria Wine: The province has an extensive viticulture in the Wachau Valley, the Weinviertel and on the slopes of Vienna Basin, and east of Vienna. Fruit is also grown in these areas and in the Alpine foreland. Predominant market gardening can be found around Vienna and livestock is raised through out Lower Austria / Niederoesterreich.    

Lower Austria / Niederoesterreich  Economy / Natural Resources

The province of Lower Austria /Niederoesterreich has oil and natural gas in the Viennese basin. There are hydro electric power stations on the Danube and Enns rivers. Other industries in Lower Austria / Niederoesterreich include: Gypsum, limestone, metal and textile industries, food processing, sugar refining, brewing, saw-milling/ lumber, paper, production, cellulose, chemical factories, large rubber plants, oil refining, wine production, agriculture and tourism.  

Events in Niederoesterreich - Lower Austria :

Krems, Wachau and other Wine regions hold Wine and harvest festivals. Baden has a Music festival.

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