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Official Austrian State Holidays / Religious Holidays

January 1st New Years Day  

Epiphany Jan 6th

Good Friday

Easter Vigil - Saturday night fires

Easter Sunday

Easter Monday

Ascension Day May 24th

Whit Monday

Corpus Christi Day

Feast of the Assumption August 14th – Maria Himmel Fahrt

Maria Ascension - a favourite hiking day

on this occasion many masses – Catholic services are held at the mountain tops or in the Alms –Alpine meadows.

October 26th  National Holiday – Independence Day - Also a day for getting outdoor – hiking and walking

Nov 1st - All Saints Day – the general population attends Mass services in cemeteries across the country honoring their departed.  

Schonbrunn Palace at Christmas

Christmas Eve, Christmas

Stepanitag (Saint name day – day after Christmas holiday.

New Years Eve Sylvester (Saints name day)

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