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Austria Guide Book

AUSTRIA Guide Book  - a Background to Austria

We have compiled a 90 page very informative Guide Book that will give you the best concise background information of Austria that you would want.   

You may purchase this special Introduction Guide Book of Austria together with one of our incredibly detailed Itineraries or without.

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Austria Guide Book

‘An Introduction to Austria’ Guide Book of Austria covers an outline of Austrian history, from the initial foundations of the Austrian nation and the Babenburg dynasty to the Habsburgs. The longest reigning monarchs of Europe whose rule lasted until the establishment of the First Republic.

The First Austrian Republic ended with annexation before the start of the Second World War and eventual occupation that lasted until 1955 and the creation of the Second Republic.

Informative background of recent history and the current Austrian political system is also detailed.  Austrian Parliament

The Guide Book also includes information of the geography of the country as well as culture, economics, and trivia information

Our Guide Book provides a strong informative background of the nine

Austrian provinces of:

Vorarlberg, Tirol, Salzburg, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Kaernten, Steiermark. Burgenland, Vienna, and Lower Austria,

that will give you a good background and knowledge of the entire country.

A summery of the history, geography, economics and development of each province is supplied. Cultural and unique local information of every province is also included.

A section the Guide Book is dedicated to the most important and helpful word translations per subject and with helpful phrases.

The Guide Book also has

important travel contact information of the provinces and cities and towns for you  

to assist you with accommodation contact information.

You will benefit greatly to have  our background guide book of Austria

- An Introduction to Austria.

Our Austria Guide Book will give you an informed background of Austria that will provide you with a solid and useful understanding and knowledge of the country. $7.00

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