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Spring Flower Parade  Hallstatt


See Itinerary A 1 and Itinerary A 2     



60th Narissenfest in Ausseerland

May 21  -  May  24

A celebration of Springtime in the Austrian Alps, with the festival of the  

Narzissen Flower or Pheasants Eye Daffodils ( Narcissus poeticus

Stern Narzissl - Narcissus  radiiflorus )

Saturday May 16  Bad Aussee

Beauty pageant selection  of the Narizssen Queen

At the Congresshaus


Thursday May 21

12:00 p.m Narzissen Run  around  Altaussee

8 km and 15 km

8:00 p.m Concert by Seer one of the most popular groups in Austria. Tickets at Information Offices

Friday May 22

10:00 am Altaussee

Traditional dance performed by children

Evening musical performances in town Center Bad Aussee

Saturday May 23

Classic Car Tour

Grundlsee and  Bad Aussee

Float building and display

2:00 pm Bad Mitterndorf

Grimming Therme

3:00 pm  Bad Aussee Chumecky Platz

5:00 pm Bad Aussee Gasthaus Staudwirt’nwirt

3:30 Bad Aussee town center Brassband Concert

7:00 pm Bad Aussee

Fashion show by local businesses

And craft show - Congresshaus     

Sunday May 24

Bad Aussee 8:00 am - 11:00 am

Town Parade  Admission for Bad Aussee and Grumdlsee parade parades Euro 15  

11:30  Car Parade with folk groups and bands

2:30 Lake Parade Grundlsee  

58th Narzissenfestival 2018

May 31 -  June 3

Saturday May 26   2018

7:00 pm election  of the Festival Queen and  Princesses

Kongresshaus  Bad Aussee

Saturday  Euro 20

Wednesday May 30

8:00 pm Spring Concert

Bad Aussee Town Choir - donations  appreciated

Thursday May 31

10:00 am +  all day - Gartenfest - live music  provided by the local

Volunteer Fire Department - Kurpark Bad Aussee

10:00 a.m  - 1:00 pm Kammerhof Museum

Enjoy the local history and  culture

2:00 noon Narzissenlauf - Marathon

7:30 pm Bad Aussee Volksmusik Opening Evening

Kongresshaus Euro 23

Friday  June 1st

9:00 am - 12:00 Farmers Market Bad Mitterndorf

10:00 am May Dance by the Kinder with Volksmusik - free

Bad Aussee Kongresshaus

10:00 am local businesses and delicacies at the Kurpark

10:00 am -  2:00 pm Kammerhof museum   

11:00 am Gartenfest Kurpark all day - Bad Aussee

3:00 - 7:00 pm Kammerhof Museum - enjoy  local history and  culture

Evening entertainment with music dancing and  food Bad Aussee  town center - stores  open until 10:00 pm

Saturday June 2

10:00 am Kurpark Bad Aussee

Craft Market  local businesses and  delicacies   

Garten fest - all day

Putting  on the  flowers for the parade

2:00 pm Bad Aussee  Chumecky Pl

and Bad Mitterndorf Grimming Thermal Bad

3:00 pm  Bad Aussee - in front of the  Kammerhof Museum  

Museum Pub open til 9:00 pm

5:00 pm  Bad Aussee Float  work

5:30  Grundlsee Seeblick Hotel  bbq  and  keg Bier

4:00 pm Brassband Bad Aussee town center  

7:00 pm Regional Fashion  show Euro 12 - 15 Kongresshaus Bad Aussee

7:00 pm Concert - local Volks groups  - Knoppen Halle Euro 20  

Evening  Narzissennacht in Bad Aussee Town Center

Pedestrian zone with Music dancing entertainment  Stores open til 10:00 pm

Bad Aussee den zauber der Stierischen Abend

Evening with Volksmusik Gasthof Aum Heirscher

Sunday June 3 rd  

8:00 am Gardenfest and Craftmarket  

8 - 11:00 Town parade Bad Aussee

2:30 - Boat Parade Altausee

Departs Bad Aussee to lake  with  Musik and Trachten groups to boat parade

2:30 Bad Altausee

Jausenstand to Hotel am See Strand Kaffee


Festival pass tickets  2017   Euro 39

1 day pass Euro 20

Euro 15  town and Lake parade May 28th

Including shuttle service from parking and between festival areas.

May 20th Election of the Narzissenkonigin and the  two Princesses  

From the  10 finalists, chosen by the public Euro 20

Kur and Congresshaus Bad Aussee

Wednesday May 24th

Spring  Concert - love songs  Bad Aussee city Choir

Kur and Congresshaus Bad Aussee

Free admission, donations accepted

Thursday May 25th

Kammerhof Museum and  Museum Kino - cinema

Beautiful late Gothic office building

Experince the heritage  and Volkskultur of the area


Euro 5 / 3 kids / 8 families

Chlumecky PL 1

11:00 am Gardenfest

  live music all day  

Bad Aussee Kurpark

12:00 Narissenlauf

- Run  8km and 15 km

7:30 pm - Bad Aussee - Opening  evening

Local music  groups Kur and Congresshaus Bad Aussee

Euro 20

Friday May 26th

Kinder  dance with Volksmusik

Kur and Congresshaus Bad Aussee


Evening  Bad Aussse  town center becomes a pedestrian zone.

Traditional music and entertainment

Stores and restaurants open  until 10:00 pm

Saturday May 27th

10:00 am Gartenfest  all day

and Ausseer local produce delicacies at Bad Aussee Kurpark


2:00 pm view construction of the floats, music  foods

3:00 pm Bad Aussee Chlumeck PL

4:00 pm  Bad Aussee  town center Brassbands  perform!

5:00 pm Bad Aussee  Gasthaus Staud’n wirt  

7:00 pm Fashion show  local handmade creation Kur  & Congresshaus

Euro 10

Sunday May 28th

8:00  am - 11:00 am Town procession also chance to examine and take photos of the floats. Musical and traditional groups

Euro 15 / kids < 15 free for town and lake parades includes shuttle bus service from parking to festival sites !

8:00 am Gartenfest  

and Ausseer local specialities Bad Aussee Kurpark

11:30  town parade to the lake

Floats  musical groups Trachten groups

2:30  lake parade  Grundlsee

Saturday May 21st 2015

12:00 noon The Altaussee Run,  8 and 15 km runs.

7:00 pm Election of the Narzissenkoenigin – Queen

Kur & Congresshaus Bad Aussee  admission Euro 18,  

The 2015 Festival Queen is Sabrina Schober,

the two princesses are Marie Theres Gewissler and Lisa Niederauer.

Thursday May 26th  - Fashion Show

Friday  May 27th

Kur & Kongresshaus – Bad Aussee

10:00 am May Dance  This traditional dance is performed by local children.  

8:00 pm Musical Evening Bad Aussee Kur & Congresshaus

String Orchestra – Burgermusikkappelle Bad Ausee Euro  10

Saturday May 30th

Classic Car tour Grundlsee and Bad Aussee 10:00 am

Kur & Congresshaus

10:00 am Local Children singing  

1:00 pm Area residence demonstrate how the parade figure are created.

4:00 pm Brass Bands

8:00 pm Folk Music Evening The Queen and Princess of the Festival will also be in attendance. Euro 14

Sunday May 31

8-11:00 am City Parade in Bad Aussee Lake parade

2:30 pm Boat Parade on Grundlsee

Admission Euro 14 for both parades free for children <15 year.  

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Flower Parade on Lake Hallstatt