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Peter Rosegger

Peter Rosegger is one of the most beloved and famous Austrian writers and poets. He wrote about the everyday lives and experiences of the farmers and country people of his area – in the Austrian province of Steiermark   

Born 31.7 1843 – died June 26 1918, oldest of 7 children.  

His Geburtshaus / house he was born in is in Alpl.  

He attended school in St. Kathrein am Hauenstein, where his great interest for reading and writing were discovered.  Young Peter was considered to small and not suited for farming. Being too poor to study in 1860 he wound up as a tailor’s apprentice with Schnieder Meister / tailer Master Ignaz. For the next 5 years he traveled with his master from farm to farm making clothes for the farmers where he had a deep look into the lives of the farming communities, and country people.  

In his free time he wrote stories and poems, that he one day sent to the Grazer Tagespost newspaper. The publisher Dr. Adalbert Svoboda recognized his talent, landing him a schooling position for a book dealer in Laibach. However Peter had to quite because of homesickness.

From 1865 to 1869 he received free general schooling in the Graz Handelsakademie. In 1869 his 1st book – “Zither u Hackenbrett” was published. His mother died Jan 16th  1872, the year he meet Anna Pichler, They were married in May 1873. Shortly after their 2nd child she died March 16 1875.

He tried through intense work to overcome his loss and greif. In 1876 he founded the monthly  Zeitschrift / chronicle - “Heimgarten”.

After building a summer house in Krieglach in 1876 Peter Rossegger become very ill  and he had chronic asthmatic condition. Peter Rosegger re-married in 1879 to Anna Knaur.

Despite recurring asthma attacks by 1881 he wrote and had published another 30 books totalling 43 published at that time.  

He traveled extensively through-out the German speaking world giving presentations which greatly increased his popularity. It is said that on one occasion he left a simple note on the kitchen table saying he was going out to ride the train, only to come back several weeks later.

After a severe lung infection and the death of his father in 1893, the acclaim author undertook numerous social projects. He raised funds through his “Hiemgarten”, publication. During this time the he raised funds and lead the construction of the evangelist Heilands Church in Murzzuschlag in 1900, the 1902 construction of the forest school – Waldschule in Alpl, and in 1904 rebuilding the burnt down church of St. Kathrein  am Hauenstein.

In 1909 he lead the cause to raise money for a donation to the German School  Federation of  more than 2 million Kronnen.   

Peter Rosegger works were recognized and admired world wide as the translation of his books into 22 languages demonstrates. On his 70th birthday, he received a flood of well wishes from around the world.    

His last book was published in 2 volume, “Mein Weltleben”, - my life and times.The ailing author wished to die in his home area- Heimat, and was brought there in May of 1918 to his beloved country home in Krieglach , and died there June 26th. He wished that his last resting place be a simple grave no different from any Apple farmer.

The most famous son of the area is memorialized with a statue of him in Krieglach – Rossengger Park, sitting as he did as a young sheep herder and looking up at the sky and dreaming. Peter Rosegger’s insights and literary contributions to Austria are enormous, he is a most admired personality and his works run deep in Austrian culture and that of his beloved province of Steiermark.

All of his works can be found at the community library in Krieglach.  

Open: Tuesday and Friday 4:00 – 7:00 pm during the school year Wednesday 11-12:30

The province of Steiermark declared 2013 to be Rosegger year – The 170th birthday and 95 years after his death to honor their greatest writer and poet, many presentations, seminars and exhibitions were held. It was an opportunity for the general population and many guests to examine closely the meaning and influence of the lifework of Peter Rosegger.   

Peter Rosegger – Geburtshaus

Alpl Nr 42 30 min walk from the Waldschule

Open times: April 1st  - Oct  31 Tuesdays - Sundays

10 am – 4:00 pm last admission 30 min prior

Open on the following holidays: Easter, the National Holiday,

Christ Ascension Day, Pentecost, Corpus Christi, Maria Ascension Day  

And national holidays Closed Nov 1 – March 31 Also closed at Christmas

Admission Price

Adults Euro 4 / children and students under 27 Euro 2 /

Families, groups 7 + people and seniors Euro 3

Children under 6 years free

Rossegger Card - / Kombi card

Incuding  Waldschule  Geburtshaus  Landhaus

Adults Euro 9 / children  4 /

Families and groups min 8 people - 6 Euro each  

His birth house is a pilgrimage site. The view from 1200 m above sea level is one of a kind view with spectacular with views of the North Steirischen Kalkalpen, Teufelsteingebeit, Almkuppen der Pretul

Rosegers Waldschule

And Austria Hiking Museum on Alpl nr 2

Open April 1 – Oct 31   Tuesday – Sunday 9:00 -5:00 pm

Dec 26 – end of Christmas holidays Tuesday – Sunday 11:00 – 4:00 pm

Adults Euro 3 / children 1.5 /  groups over 8  Euro 2.5  

He built the school for the children of the area to stop them from leaving

the area. Rooms in original condition. There is also a wood-working tools exhibit.  

Roseggers Landhaus  and Museum

In Krieglach  - Rosegger Strasse 44

Open April 1 – Oct 31 Tuesdays – Saturday

10:00 am – 4:00 pm last admission 30 min prior to closing

Open Easter and the National holiday

Christi Ascension Day, Maria Ascension Day  

National holidays. Closed Nov 1 – March 31

Adults  Euro 4 / kids 2 /

Families  and group of  +7 /  3 Euro

The museum contains: documents, memorabilia, photos of his life, period articles and writings, books from his time as a tailor, school books, report cards and translations of his works.   

For more information on this area and the wonderful province

See Steiermark.

See also Austria 7 day trip,   

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