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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is recognized as being one of the greatest composers of all time. He was born January 27th ,1756 in Salzburg Austria, and died December 5th 1791 in Vienna at the young age of 35.

The musical genius was born into musical family, his father was Leopold Mozart a violin instructor and the composer and music director at the court of the Arch-bishop of Salzburg, his mother was  Anna Maria – nee Pertl. Wolfgang and his sister Maria Anna ( Nannerl)  were the two surviving children of seven.

As a young child his musical genius was recognized. At the incredible young age of three he could play the keyboard, by age five he could read and write music and have his first attempts at composition, composing minuets. The young protégé would entertain guests with his piano playing. His sister was also very musically gifted. She was described as a musician and composer possessing great talent as well. This was documented from records made at the many court performances she did with her brother, and from personally letters.  

Their father took them on tour to the noble palaces and houses of Europe. In 1763 the Mozarts started a 3 years tour that included London, Munich, Paris, Versailles,

Zurich and Geneva and the Hague. In Paris he took musical instruction and composed his first symphonies. The tour made the family a good deal of money and helped pave the way for Mozart’s career later in life. From 1769-1773 the family made trips to Italy followed by many trips throughout Southern Germany and Italy again. While in Italy the young Mozart studied music and received instruction. Italian was the language of classical music and opera. In Rome he was made a knight of the Order of the Golden Spur by the Pope.      

The nobility of Europe enjoyed the boy wonder’s excellent piano playing and improvisations. His mother died from an unknown illness while on tour with him in Paris

Mozart was a court musician in Salzburg at seventeen. In 1769 he was made the honorary Konzertmeister of the Salzburg court. In 1779 he became the court organist which he is said not to have liked.  

Mozart claimed to have studied Haydn and Bach. At the beginning of his career he could learn music by just hearing it once. He could incorporate the styles of Haydn and Bach into his music but he would quickly develop his own musical style which would influence many others. His work extended to all styles of music – he knew how to blend different musical elements into his own style - his compositions come to life with their contrasts.  

Wolfgang Amedaus Mozart would go on to created over 600 pieces of music, including 24 operas, most notably:  The Magic Flute, The Marriage of Figaro, and Don Giovanni, as well as masses and over 50 symphonies.

In 1781 after a dispute with the archbishop Mozart moved to Vienna. In 1782 he married a singer – Constanze Weber. His father disagreed with his marriage. They had six children - two sons would surveyed infancy, neither would marry or had children. Mozart is said to have had a very good relationship with his wife.

That same year he completed “ Die Entfuehrung”, become more well known in German speaking territories.   

He was well known and in demand as a composer and performer in Vienna. He gave many concerts and conducted his symphonies. Mozart lived the good life in Vienna and earned good money with some of his operas however his fortunes would turn from poverty to prosperity time and again, occasions wars didn’t help his fortune. Mozart would go on tour but the efforts wouldn’t turn his fortune around.

By 1786 he had success with the operas, ‘The Abduction from the Seraglio”, and the Marriage of Figaro. He was appointed Vienna court chamber composer in 1789.

Haydn is reported to have told Mozart father on a visit to Vienna that  his son was the greatest composer he ever knew.  Mozart told the unpaid position of assistant to the choir master, hoping to succeed him one day.

The last year of his life 1791, was very productive one for him, creating some of his best works including symphonies Nr 39, 40, and 41, as well as the opera ‘The Magic Flute’, the Piano concert Nr 27 in B flat and the clarinet  Concerto in A. His health began to decline in September and he died December 5th 1791 working on his famous unfinished Requiem Mass. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was buried in a common grave in Vienna. There is a marker where he is thought to have been buried. His funeral was at the St. Stephans cathedral in Vienna.

In 1986 Austrian Pop Star Falco had the Nr 1 hit on all of the US charts and in Canada and through out Europe with the Rock – Pop hit, “Rock Me Amadeus”. The hit covered some of the timeline of Mozart’s life and greatly simplifies his life story. The song and accompanying video never-the-less where an entertaining and upbeat contemporary look at Mozart from the vantage point of 1980’s pop music. This was eventually followed in 2000 by a Rock musical stage production in Austria – called ‘Falco meets Amadeus’, a faust-like story.   

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’ s creations ranged from light-hearted music to powerful compositions that stir ones emotions. The gifted composer was raised as a Roman Catholic, and would remain a catholic his entire life.

“ I know myself , and I have such a sense of religion that I shall never do anything which I would not do before the entire world?

Two of his most renown religious works are ‘Ave Verum Corpus’ and his last work – his famous Requiem

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was one of the most influential, prolific and admired composers of the classical period. He composed over 600 works include some of the most famous and respected operas, symphonies, chamber and choral music. “Music is my life and my life is music’, Mozart would proclaim.

The works of this genius are enormous in scope and scale. He made significant contributions to most branches of music, composing great symphonies, operas, and concertos for piano, violin and the clarinet.     

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart life’s accomplishments in music are recognized as unrivalled in world history, his name is synonymous with the greatest of musical achievement.  

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