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Salzburg Tourist Information Guide


SALZBURG Tourist Intro Information Guide

Pop  530 000, 7 154 sq km

Intro - Other than a small area N of the city of Salzburg the rest of the province is Alpine with some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world!  

Home of the musical genius – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, b Jan 27th, d Dec 5 1791

Setting of the much beloved musical – ‘The Sound of Music’.

This marvellous provinces and city of the same name will not disappoint!

Art lovers call Salzburg the golden city of high baroque. Historians and Church – enthusiasts call it the Florence of the north and the German Rome

Principal cities and towns Tourist Information Guide:

Salzburg the provincial capital, pop 150 000, elev  430 m

Badgastein, pop 5800, elev. 1002 m

Bischosfhofen, pop 10 300,  elev. 544 m

Hallein, 20 000 2nd largest city in the province , elev. 447 m

Saalfelden, pop 16 000,  elev. 748 m

St. Johann, pop 10 700 , elev.  565 m

Zell am See, pop 9 500. elev. 750 m

Salzburg History  Information for TouristSalzburg was incorporated into Austria only in 1814 – it had always been part of the larger Holy Roman Empire and Austrian Territory, but was owned and administered by the Bishops of Salzburg. The province was owned for centuries by the Catholic Church as an ecclesiastical German State within the Holy Roman Empire and was ruled by the Prince Bishops. St. Rupert was the founder and 1st Bishop of the city of Salzburg. He settled in the ruins of the Roman town of – Juvavum, in 690 and founded the Abbey of St. Peters at the foot of the Moenchsberg.

City of Salzburg Topurist Information Guide pop 150 000, elev 430 m   

Salzburg is a well-known resort area. Internationally famous for it’s Music and Drama festival. Salzburg’s buildings blend harmoniously into one architectural jewel, making it one of the most attractive cities in the World – with the Austrian Alps in the background.

The Residenz fountain constr. 1651-1661 at 15 m high is the tallest and most monumental Baroque Fountain north of the Alps. 17 C Dom/ Cathedral constructed in early Italian Baroque style. Considered among the most significant Baroque structures North of the Alps.    

Salzburg University founded in 1622, and the Salzburg University of Music and Dramatic Arts in 1914. One of Fischer von Erlach’s greatest works, the Kollegienkirche is one of most celebrated churches in all Austria Alter painting by Rottmayr 1694 -1707.  Franciscan/ Franziskaner church (15-17 C) slender Gothic structure, elements from various architectural periods inc Baroque high alter by Fisher von Erlach. One of Michael Pacher’s masterpieces  - Madonna with Child, set into alter.

A 12 C marble lion from the earlier structure guards the stairway of the pulpit.


Salzburg Economic Tourist Information Guide

Industries include: tourism, beer production, manufacturing of metals, chemicals and textiles, mining, salt, timber, manufacturing, and light industry, and

Hydro-electric power.  

Tourist Events / Hi-lights Information Guide - Salzburger Festspiele / Festival during the summer months attracts many tourist from around the world. Salzburg festival June – Sept .

The province is host to Alpine, Nordic, and Ski-boarding World Cup Events.

Sound of Music location Tourist Trivia Information

Location of the recent Film: ‘Knight and Day’  starring Tom cruise and Cameron Diaz

Planning a Salzburg TRIP ?

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