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AUSTRIA  Travel  Information

For Complete Travel Plans of Austria including information on many Attractions / site-seeing Ideas and Option, Travel Tips, travel Routes directions, travel Scheduling and much more for your Optimal self-guided / self-driving tours of Austria,

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The Austria Travel Information and Tips you need for a fantastic trip to Austria !


Travel to Austria Entrance Information

A valid passport assures admission for you to travel for up to three months from most non EU countries.

US, Canadian and Australian citizens do not require visas to enter Austria.

Shopping while you Travel - Information Tips

Residents of non EU countries can apply

for VAT / Value Added Tax refunds for purchases over Euro 75.01 in one store per purchase day.

Austria Electricity Information Tips  

Electric current is 220 volts AC at 50 cycles second.

North American devices will require an adapter plug and voltage converter.

Travel Information: Tips on DRIVING  in Austria:

Driving on the right hand side of the road as in the US, Canada and continental Europe.

Traffic regulations are similar to those in the US and Canada.  

Differences being:

NO right turn on red,

No passing on the right on highways and Autobahn.

Mandatory seat belts use.  

Driving in Austria requires carrying an International Driver License in addition to your local license which can be obtained at your local AAA or CAA.

Austria Driving Speed Information:

In town/ city 50 Km , 31 mph , unless otherwise posted for major Road

Bundes Strasse Federal road 2 lanes 100 km/ 62 mph,

Country road 80 km

Autobahn 130 km/h / 81 mph   

Road Information  

Tolls: Vignettes required to travel on the Autobahn and some Alpine roads.

Driving on the Autobahn requires toll sticker to be attached to windshield. If you rent a car in Austria it will likely have a toll sticker – ask.

Autobahn – vignettes – Permit stickers

10 days Permit 7.9 Euro, Two month Permit 23 Euro

Cell phone Information

Use of Handy/ hand held Cell phone prohibited

While driving only Hand-free mobile telephone may be used

Permissible alcohol limit 0.5 %   

Fine Euro  218/ - Euro 363  

Information on driving with children

Children under 12 years / 150 cm must use the appropriate child safety seat

Emergency Travel Information  

120 OaMTC – Auto Service Club

123 ARBO – Emergency breakdown

Traffic Information news round clock on FM O 3, every 30 min

Travel Information on road conditions in English

- 7 days week 6:00 am to 8:00 pm

1 17520

Precarious travel traffic developments etc – warnings  

Austria has 1 677 km of Autobahn, and 133 718 km of paved hi-ways

There are also paved cornfield lane ways.   

EMERGENCY VESTS Information – mandatory to have 1 in the car  

Since May 1st 2009 - there must be a emergency vest in the car (trunk) .

14 Euro fine if not in car – available at gas stations as are the Autobahn vignettes.

All vehicles must carry  these neon safety vests in case the driver must leave the car while on the hi-way.

If you are thinking of traveling to Austria this year and want a strong sense of the country as  you travel. you will benefit greatly from all of the travel information in our our very informative:

Austrian Travel Itineraries

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An Introduction to Austria’ covers Austrian history information, geography information, culture information, economic information , as well as travel information of the nine Austrian provinces.

Also included are everyday very helpful word translations per subject and helpful phrases as you travel through the country.   

This informative background of Austria will provide you with solid understanding and knowledge of the country.

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