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Mens Night - Slalom January 23rd   2018

Plaini - Schladming

The  festivities start on Monday 22

With entertainment and  partying in the  town center

A gala and  concert.

Race day!  21st  night Slalom

Tuesday  January 23 2018

Ist  run on the  Planai  at 5:35 pm

2nd Run  8:45 pm  followed  by  the medal presentation

2016 race cancelled due to conditions

Schladming  2015  Alpine Skiing  

Slalom World Cup

18th Night Race at Plani  


Jan 27 2015

First Run 17:45

Second Run 20:45

Free designated Parking at edge of town 15 min walk to  


Plani course: Run 1+ 2

Start at 901 m, Course finish-line at 745 m

Elevation difference of 219 m  

2196 m long course

Pets are not aloud.

No food, drinks, umbrellas, or fireworks my be brought in.

For safety reason no strollers or toddlers.

The Schladming Night Slalom world  Cup is one of the biggest ski events of the year! Large party to follow

Over 50 000 people are expected to attend,it is suggested to arrive early.

While in Steiermark why not see some of the  sites of this wonderful province rich in history culture and natural treasure

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World Cup Schladming Slalom Results

2015 1st    Alexander Khoroshlov RUS  

2nd  Stefano Gross ITA, 3rd Felix Neureuther GER

2014 1st  Mario Matt AUT, 2nd Henrik Kristofferson NOR

3rd  Mattias Hargin

2013 World Championship are held in Schladming      

No Night  world up race

2012 -Marcel Hirscher AUT won by 22/100 of a second ahead of Italian Stefano Gross, Mario Matt AUT3rd. In front of a crowd of

35 000 people. His first slalom win, and most emotional before his family and friends.      

2011 1st Jean-Baptiste Graase FRA,  2nd Andre Myhrer SWE

3rd Mattias Hargin

2010  1st Reinfried Herbst AUT , 2nd Silvan Zurbringgen SWISS  1st Swiss skier on the podium at Schladming, 3rd  Manfred Moelgg ITA

2009 1st Reinfried Herbst AUT , 2nd Manfred Pranger ,

3rd  Ivica Kostelic  CRO

2008 1st Mario Matt AUT, 2nd Jean Grange FRA,

3rd Manfred Moelgg ITA

2007 1st Benjamin Raich AUT, 2nd Jens Byggmark SWE,

3rd Mario Matt AUT

2006 1st Kalle Palander FINN. His 9th slalom World Cup victory

.79 sec in front of 2nd Akira Sasaki JAP , 3rd Benjamin Raich

2005 1st Manfred Pranger AUT on his 27th Birthday

2nd Bennjamin Raich AUT, 3rd Andre Myhrer SWE

In front of 45 000 fans

2004 1st Bennjamnin Raich AUT , his third Schladming win

2nd Manfred Moelgg (S. Tirol )Italy

3rd Kalle Polander FIN

2003 1st Kalle Palander FINN, 2nd Bennjamin Raich AUT

3rd Hans Peter  Buraas NOR

2002 1st  Bode Miller USA, -.66 sec, 2nd Jean Pierre Vidal FRA

3rd Ivica Kostelic  CRO

2001 1st Benjamin Raich AUT, 2nd  Hans-Peter Buraas NOR

3rd Mitje Kunc CRO

2000 30 000 fans attended  

Raining conditions  , 1st Mario Matt AUT, 2nd Thomas Stangassinger

3rd Ole-Christian Furoseth   

1999  1st Benjamin Raich AUT, amazingly after starting in 23 position

2nd Pierrick Bourgeat FRA, 3rd  Ande Aamodt Kjetil NOR

1998 1st Alberto Tomba ITA, 2nd Thomas Sykora AUT

3rd Hans Peter Buraas NOR, 35 000 fans in attendance

1997 - Inaugural night race at Schladming with 28 000 fans

1st Alberto Tomba ITA, 2nd Thomas Stangassinger AUT,

3rd Sebastian Amie FRA   

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